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‘Business executives are now confronted with the inconvenient fact that a global struggle of political ideas is back, and that it will increasingly take priority over margins and growth.’

Lord William Hague, The Telegraph, 13 July 2020



The New Political Capitalism explores how our current model of financialized capitalism is transmogrifying into the new age of political capitalism. This is not a superficial development that will pass. It is rooted in the belief that our system of political economy is now failing too many.


It bridges the gap between the different realities of politics and business, and the fundamental differences in the commercial and political ways of thinking. This book demonstrates how businesses that develop effective political antennae can enhance their performance in the emerging age of Political Capitalism



The world is changing – fast. The shape and nature of that change will have the characteristics of politics not business. Volatile, emotional, complex, multi-directional and multi-dimensional, full of the unexpected, not comfortably linear.


Drawing on extensive research and case studies, The New Political Capitalism weaves together
socio-political trends with business purpose, strategy and operations. From why businesses exist at all, to the importance of diverse perspectives, and what a company stands for, both culturally and politically, this book dissects the new opportunities available to those businesses that invest in the development of effective political antennae.


Success will come to those business leaders, businesses and brands that develop a deep understanding of the changing socio-cultural-political environment in which they operate and can look at their business practices from the outside in. Embedding these understandings into the core of their business models rather than as a thin veneer layered on to business as usual.

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