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On The New Political Capitalism & How Business Can Thrive in a Deeply Politicised World

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

by Vikas Shah MBE

In his new book, The New Political Capitalism, Joe bridges the gap between the reality of the relationship between politics and business, and the lack of familiarity of the business community, even at the most senior levels, with political thinking.

In this interview, I speak to Joe Zammit-Lucia about whether business can ever be apolitical. We discuss how modern businesses must be the visible reflection of social values and cultural trends (which shape the environment in which businesses operate), and how an increasingly politicised stakeholder group (from customers to investors) are expecting companies to have perspective on political issues. Markets themselves are politically constructed, and investors increasingly focus on corporations’ political positions – be they environmental or societal.

Read full interview here.

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